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えねこ by ジンジャーエール

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hey HEY


Goodra -Draw Me a Pokemon- by Amphibizzy

I was much more flexible with the color palette this time (using multiply layers and such to get more range of contrast) but there’s probably more I would’ve done with it if i had the time but i had to make a contest deadline
also digital lineart w/o pressure sensitivity is hell

A picture of my Metagross i did ages ago! <3

A picture of my Metagross i did ages ago! <3


Pokesketch Compilation by Haychel

All the porkymanz sketches I did for #pokesketch

Pikachu Ghastly Spiritomb Goomy Braixen Venomoth Wooper Gloom Poochyena Quilava Pichu Eevee Giratina Emolga Sableye Pancham Aurorus Dewott Arcanine Flygon Castform Lapras Archeops Lucario Raichu Oshawott Slaking Swampert Skiddo Florges Heatmor Buizel Delphox Vaporeon Dodrio Ninetales Gengar Mewtwo Jolteon


Something I made for a website, do not use !


pokeddexy day 8 - favorite flying type

the pinkish moon in the BG is my passive-aggressive way of campaigning gamefreak to actually let togekiss learn moonblast. if a dragon-type can learn it, a fairy-type like togekiss should be able to, right?


Finally can release the full image. For Perthians you can purchase this print this weekend at Oz Comic Con!

Texture source from Pixiv


Archeops is all finished now.

I was told at tekko by this very nice girl that this was her favorite pokemon. (I really like to make stuff so I wanted to try it out :) its was so neat looking (i dont know some of the newer generation pokemon) it is just a prototype and not perfect, but its still pretty cute. It is 17in long with tail and 10 in tall.

So this is for gearstation if she wants it. I will hand him over the next time I see ya. :)

I am currently open for commissions if anyone is ever interested!


It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon


My challenge is to draw the original 151 classic sprites from POKEMON RED & BLUE - I drew another one of my favorite Pokemon Sprites: CATERPIE No.010! Check out the previous & next drawing(s): BLASTOISE No.009 & METAPOD No.011!!

Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel where I will be showing behind-the-scene videos of me drawing during this challenge!